BSc course Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, 

teaching assistant at university of Groningen in 2019/2020/2021 

twice as replacement lecturer in 2020


MSc course General Relativity, 

as teaching assistant at University of Groningen in 2019

BSc course Mathematische Methoden der Physik I 

teaching assistant at University of Vienna in 2018


Teaching Qualification “Start to Teach” obtained in November 2019 at University of Groningen


(Co-)Supervision of several BSc and MSc projects, among which:

Noor Schepers and Sowmya Parthasarathy (BSc, Black Holes and the Information Paradox)

Iisakki Rotko (BSc, Fractons),

Irene Garcia (BSc, Modified Newtonian Dynamics),

Jason Bennett (MSc, Gauge Theories),  

Jesse Knol (MSc, Supersymmetry on Maximally Symmetric Spaces), 

Cian Hamilton (BSc, Non-Relativistic Supersymmetry),